I am Anushka from a Recruitment Services Company specializing in domestic and international job placements.

We represent a retail company specializing in Cuban cigars, currently seeking freshers for their outlets in the premium locales of Jamaica’s ports and cities. These products are aimed at high-end customers, with individual cigars priced over 5 lakhs.

The owner, an Indian national, prefers to employ Indians for sales and customer service roles to engage with their clientele.

Please make sure to remember the following details:

Interview Process – There will be a virtual interview before 13th June and a personal interview on 13th June 2024.

To apply, please fill in the following information:
1. Total work experience (details of any previous jobs).
2. Full-time education from 10th grade until graduation/post-graduation.
3. Are you open to working in Jamaica for 3 years?
4. Do you have a passport?
5. Are you willing to work at a Cuban Cigar Retail Store in Duty-Free and in the city as a sales or customer service person?
6. Are you willing to wait for 3-4 months from the offer date to travel to Jamaica with tickets?
7. Provide details about your family, their occupation, and their earnings.
8. Are you willing to meet all the given criteria?
9. Are you ready to work at the offered CTC (Cost to Company) and benefits?

If you are interested in working in Jamaica, here are the hiring criteria:
– Must have an English-based education and be a graduate.
– Must possess a valid passport for international travel.
– Should have siblings who can take care of the family during your absence.
– Willingness to sign a three-year contract to stay in Jamaica.
– The company will provide accommodation, travel, visa, medical, and other essentials.
– Salary structure is as follows: U.S. $500.00 per month in the first year, U.S. $750.00 per month in the second year, and U.S. $1000.00 per month in the third year.
– Additionally, a monthly pocket money of Jamaican $5,000.00 will be provided.
– If you wish to return to India before eighteen months, or if the company’s board of directors deems you unsuitable and decides to repatriate you within this period, you will be responsible for your travel expenses to India, including work permit and ticket costs. If you choose to return after eighteen months but before thirty-six months, or if the board decides to send you back during this time frame, you will only need to purchase your ticket.
– Your job offer must be countersigned by your spouse as a consent or by one of your parents before submitting your work permit application.
– The use of cell phones will not be permitted.

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