• Mumbai
  • 900000 USD / Year
  • Salary: 900000

Key Requirements:
1.Professional Experience and Education:
– Proven experience as a bakery chef, pastry chef, or in a similar role, with a focus on leadership
– Formal culinary training from a recognized culinary school or apprenticeship program.
– Advanced knowledge of baking techniques and the pastry arts.
2. Technical Skills:
– Expertise in various baking techniques, including pastry, bread making, and desserts.
– Proficiency in managing kitchen operations, including inventory management, equipment
maintenance, and food safety standards.
– Ability to innovate and create new recipes or update existing ones to enhance the menu and adapt
to market trends.
3. Leadership and Management Skills:
– Strong leadership skills to motivate and manage kitchen staff effectively.
– Experience in training and mentoring junior chefs and kitchen staff.
– Capacity to manage budgets, cost control, and ensure profitability.
4. Creativity and Artistry:
– A keen eye for presentation and the creativity to develop aesthetically pleasing dishes.
– Passion for staying current with industry trends and continuously improving product offerings.
5. Interpersonal and Communication Skills:
– Excellent communication skills to interact effectively with staff, management, suppliers, and
– Ability to handle high-pressure situations calmly and make informed decisions.
6. Certifications:
– Food safety certification, such as ServSafe or a similar program.
– Optional certifications in pastry arts, chocolate making, or specialized baking disciplines can be an
7. Business Acumen:
– Understanding of the business side of bakery operations, including marketing, customer relations,
and sales.
8. Adaptability and Problem-Solving:
– Flexibility to work varied hours and adapt to changing business needs.
– Strong problem-solving skills to efficiently address challenges that arise in the kitchen.

To apply for this job email your details to information@hralways.in

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